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Battle Hill
Brewing Company

About the brewery

As the owners and brewers of Battle Hill Brewing Company, we are excited to join the local brewing scene as the area’s newest Farm Brewery.

Like many of our peers, we started as home brewers. As time went by we asked: What if..? So we began to consider doing this as a career; after all, what could be better than getting paid to do something you love!

Around the same time as the New York State Farm Brewery Bill, we got serious about the idea of a brewery. Plans were made, numbers crunched and a business plan drawn up…things evolved and time went by and we kept moving forward.

Early in 2014 the planets lined up, Battle Hill Brewing Company was formed, we found a home in a cool 19th century building in historic Fort Ann - and the rest is history.

Our vision is to create and share our ales 7 barrels at a time, using fresh local ingredients and our refined recipes and brewing practices. Washington County, NY has a long and varied agricultural history and we’re honored to be part of that, and to hopefully play a part in the resurgence of the area. We think the craft beer and wine industry is a great fit for the county, and we’re very excited to be part of this community. It’s likely that soon the whole farm to glass experience can be had without leaving our county!

We look forward to innovating, brewing and keeping it local. We think our beers will make you happy… come see us, have a pint and take some home to enjoy!